West Feliciana Historical Society in St. Francisville, Louisiana | February 1978 & April 2014

Stanton Hall in Natchez, Mississippi | September 1974 & April 2014

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania | 1987 & 2014

Although my grandfather was not the one to capture this photo of us at Longwood Gardens in 1987, I imagine these moments of seeing his camera draped around his neck helped to inspire my love of photography and travel.

Badlands National Park Visitor Center, South Dakota | 1973 & 2013

Cedar Pass Campground in Badlands National Park, South Dakota | May 1981 & October 2013

Excerpt from my grandmother’s travel journal: “Thursday, May 28th. Up at 6:30, sunny & warm but the wind keeps it cool. With our simple setup we are quickly in order and breakfast under the “conistoga”-shade after washup.”

I almost didn’t reach the campground to capture this image. The government shutdown went into affect the night before, but I decided to try my luck anyway. Fortunately for me there was a delay in paperwork, which allowed enough time to find the exact campsite where my grandparents had stayed and explore a portion of the Badlands.

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota | 1973 & 2013

Excerpt from my grandmother’s travel journal on June 13th, 1998: "First view of ‘The Faces’ and we are right there — under the new gigantic cement block of a new garage, power station and what not — we just passed by it, it is a shattering disappointment to what it was before! It has become a monstrosity!"

September 30th, 2013 found me visiting Mount Rushmore for the first time and seeing first-hand what my grandmother had described when she wrote in her journal that day.

I showed my grandfather’s photo to an older couple working in the gift shop, a job they had held for decades, and was told that the vantage point from which he had stood was no longer there. His photograph was taken from within the building that was once home to a cafeteria for visitors, but I now replicated his shot from inside the “monstrosity” that my grandmother so aptly described.

Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana | February 1978 & April 2014

Cafe Du Monde did away with their trademark awning for only two years and set up a fountain during that time. One of those years was 1978, when my grandparents were visiting New Orleans. I was able to capture the same scene with the awning back in it’s familiar place.

"If you only had an idea what joy you gave me yesterday with your letter and the package of 18 photos — all the memories came back so clearly and the enchantment that travelling meant to Grandpa and me always! The lot of work he did and thought it was ‘lost’ — because when he wanted to show the films to his five children — they were sadly not much interested to see them at the time (you were just a little boy of 6 or 8 years, if I remember right). If he knew now that his interests and love for travel and photography had just jumped one generation and you would inherit the ‘wanderlust’ — he would be so happy!"

Having finally sent all of the “then & now” photos I’ve completed thus far to my 100-year-old grandmother, this is a portion of the response I received from her. Her reaction to the Past Present Project really meant the world to me and further solidified the importance and drive for me to continue this undertaking.

Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana | February 1978 & April 2014

Fort Clatsop National Memorial in Astoria, Oregon | June 1981 & October 2012

Excerpt from my grandmother’s travel journal on June 5th, 1981: "Fort, replica of Lewis & Clark, was small wood-post enclosure with two longhouses, one for men’s quarters and one for Lewis & Clark with stone fireplace. Saw the slideshow of Lewis & Clark trip and bought a book."

During my visit to Fort Clatsop, I came to find out that a fire had destroyed the original replica in the late evening of October 3, 2005. In hindsight, it seems somewhat fitting — replicating a photo of a replicated fort.